Lesley Wood Consani

I believe that “We can.”

We can always choose between that which affirms life and what merely denies it. Either our thoughts support and lift us upwards or they begin sinking us into depression and hopelessness. Even the least of our criticisms and complaints support an entire belief system that denies the light within each living thing before us. Our ideas are like the stones of a path we travel. There is not a single thought that does not take us somewhere. That is why we must not leave our mind in conflict if we wish to walk towards health and peace.

Adapted from “Teach Only Love’ by Gerald Jampolosky M.D. Bantam Books 1983

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Hello! I am Lesley Wood Consani. I am an experienced Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist and Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. I have been in private practice since 2004 and founded Weight Masters in 2008.

My work – I have worked in Cape Town South Africa, New York & Pittsburgh U.S.A. and Zurich Switzerland. I am currently working between Cape Town and Zurich as well as holding Skype sessions worldwide.

What I do– I use an integrated approach in my sessions. My main aim is to assist you to be the best you can be by overcoming the barriers that get in the way of your results.

I encourage using self-development tools at home along with therapy/coaching sessions and hypnotherapy (when requested or needed). There is also Nutrigenomics DNA testing where appropriate. I am passionate about sharing resources to enhance my client’s self esteem and goals. I believe by facilitating change on an emotional level first, individuals’ self esteem and self awareness grows thus enabling them to make better life choices. My emphasis is on empowerment of the individual.

Team work – I work as a team with my clients.  I feel it is important for my client’s to know that they can bounce questions off me or drop me an email when things come up. My aim is to empower you so that you feel the confidence to move forward knowing you have the resources and skills you need.  I am happy to work with my client’s doctor, specialist or personal trainer if requested.

I never stop studying! Currently I am attending The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology reading different courses on nutrition science and nutrigenomics.

In the past I also partnered with colleagues in developing Life Enhancement courses as well as running workshops in the corporate world, schools and at charity benefits.

My philosophy – I truly feel life can be generally happy and peaceful no matter what we are facing! Every person that comes to me is honoured as the individual they are, meaning every solution may be unique or that no two processes (for my clients) may necessarily be the same.

Some examples of what I have worked with:

Confidence Building Comfort Eating Addictions
Blushing Relationship Issues Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Sexual Problems Stopping Smoking Infertility
Past Life Regressions Fear of Flying Pain Management
Fitness and Health Allergies Self Esteem
Phobias Insomnia Academic performance
Anxiety & Stress Management Exam Help & Motivation Nail Biting
Public Speaking Athletic & Sports performance
Procrastination Memory General Health
Bruxism Weight Loss & Weight Management

Contact me:

Email:          info@weight-masters.com

Zurich:         +41 (0)78 88 59 789

Cape Town: +27 (0)76 741 64 11

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